Ewe Unions meet in Stuttgart

Ewe Unions meet in Stuttgart
On the 3rd June 2017, the Ewe Unions will converge once again, as it is done every year, to Stuttgart to discuss issues related to the advancement of the work of the various Unions. This occasion shall also be used to inaugurate the Ewe Union of Stuttgart. The last annual convention was held in München last year.


CEANA 2016, Ewe Alliance of USA inc., New Jersey
The Ewe Unions of Northern America had a great convention from 2nd to 5th September 2016, under the theme  «United to build Eweland »

More about the Ewe Alliance in USA


Pusher” on Dzigbeza
Renown Ghanaian actor Adjetey Annan Ghanaian, popularly called  “Pusher” spoke about Dzigbeza, a movie by Eyram Evans Adorkor, a filmmaker and a Playwright at Kritik Productions since seven years, producing live theater for different audience in Ghana.
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