Wodzi amegbetɔwo katã ablɔɖeviwoe eye wodzena bubu kple gomekpɔkpɔ sɔsɔe. Susu kple dzitsinya le wo dometɔ ɖesiaɖe si eyata wodze be woanɔ anyi le ɖekawɔwɔ blibo me.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

President :                            Patience Govina
Vice-president :                   Samuel Agbottah
General Secretary:              Hayford Amedjidela Anyidoho
Financial Secretary:            Mercy HomadiKumfo
Organiser :                           Collins Agbedanu-Kröger


Press release and profiles

The Ewe community in Hamburg, on Saturday 11th February 2017, renewed the members of the executive steering the affairs of their Union. This has become paramount, as the union for some time went dormant. After being postponed several times, the members, young and old, finally resolved to open a new leaf, come rain and sunshine. It was all happiness and relief after the declaration of the results by the three-member electoral committee comprised of Collins Agbadanu-Kröger, Tina Jung, and Alhaji Zygidy.

It shall be noted without equivoque that Mrs. Govina for some time took upon herself to chair the meetings of the union and keep the affairs running, a decision which met the approval of most members.

Mrs. Govina is currently also serving in the board of the EƲe Dukɔ,  the umbrella Union of all Ewe (Ewe Unions) in Germany. She has also been moderating a radio programme in Ʋegbe (Ewe) for some years now. The said programme aims at promoting the culture of the ewe community through the most utilized means of communication, language. She is confident that the Union is indeed turning a new leaf, a positive turn. She called on the members present on that fateful day to rededicate themselves to the work ahead. She is convinced that members of the union live in the same glass house and therefore shouldn’t throw stone, but rather embrace each other.


Mr. Samuel Agbottah joined the union not too long ago, still his love for the EƲE (Ewe) cultural heritage kept positively “haunting” him, such that he had no other choice than to contribute his modest quota toward the betterment of the union, which he thought he could do best by “booking a sit “amidst the executive members. He is bringing on board several years of experience in group management, planning of cultural activities, teaching not forgetting his easy-going attitude, his open-mindedness and his spontaneous display of kindheartedness toward people even at first encounters. He is of the view that the union needs critical and controversial members as well as it needs any other individual of this “ewe family” in Hamburg.

Mr. Hayford Amedji-dela Anyidoho, though he joined not too long ago quickly won the heart of every member who witnessed him partake in almost every meeting held by the Ewe union since he first visited them. Aside his surname, which may sound very popular in the political scene and the academia in Ghana, he is a tireless and dedicated “young guy “whose sense of positivity and love for challenges made him take up similar positions in other organizations in the past (Ghana Association of Teachers of German, Ghanaian-German Alumni Network, formally known as Rückkehrer-Büro, German Embassy Accra, Verein Deutsche Sprache, UNESCO-Club of the University of Lome in Togo, Drama Group of Goethe-Institut Accra among others). He is popularly also known as “one man thousand” owing to his love for multitasking and his ability to solely handle many action areas of an organisation or association. He also moderated radio programmes in the German language throughout his university years. He is currently also moderating the Ewe Programme on Radio TopAfric (Listen ) in These and other qualities of Mr. Anyidoho shall be among other “ingredients” to spice up the activities of the Union at this crucial time. He believes that the future of the union is more than bright.


Mrs. Homadi-Kumfo joined the Union in the year 2013 . She is one of the members who believe, that the union shall rise stronger no matter how tough things may seem at times. True to this feeling, she offered her service together with Mrs. Govina to keep the hope alive, when the association went almost dormant for some time. She is endowed with the noble qualities of wisdom, temperance, kindheartedness, and a sense of observation and objectivity. These are other virtues, that will go a long way to uplift the image of the Ewe Union Hamburg. Mrs. Homadi-Kumfo is of the view that the Ewe Union Hamburg is the most beautiful thing that any Ewe living in Hamburg and Germany should be proud of, just as the founder, Mr. Yao Damenshie-Brown always wishes. 

Last but not the least, Mr. Agbedanu-Kröger Collins was chosen by the general assembly to serve with the new board as the organizing secretary, position which he has „been indirectly holding already „ due to his tremendous assistance  by  the planning of some major Events and Activities of the EWE UNION HAMBURG and the celebration of the 25th, anniversary, also By the current elections which took place not long ago and after the Elections his position became official by the whole members of the union for his hard working since he joined the union in Hamburg.

Mr. Agbedanu-Kröger had his Vocational Training in Germany as salesman for forwarding and logistics services, and in Ghana after his SHS had his Vocational Training as chef in Teshie Millitary Acadamy Training school.

In Ghana, he worked with different  Hotels of great repute . He later joined a Human Rights Organisation, since his passion was to be the voice of the voiceless  Minority and people at Risk. He first jined the UNAIDS SHAPPER Project  as a  PEER EDUCATOR through CEPEHRG  Organisation and then as a  Coordinating Officer on UNAIDS HEARTLAND ALLIANCE project.

Currently the CEO of Philsmodelling agency Hamburg Germany , CEO of Akwaaba Cargo Handling Hamburg and the Managing Director of Brothers Keeper Organisation (Ghana).