The Anlo people of Ghana celebrated the Hogbetsotso Festival in November at Anloga, the traditional and ritual capital of the Anlo state. It was a day that unfolds Ewe history and brought a replay of memories of the legendary exodus and heroic acts of men of valour and mystical powers who liberated the Ewe-Dogbo people from the rule of tyrant King of Kings Torgbui Agorkorli of Nortsie in Togo.

The event brought together all the chiefs and elders of Anloland at a colourful durbar to mark the annual event regarded as the largest and most impressive festival in the Volta Region.

‘HOGBETSOTSO’ is derived from the word ‘HOGBE’ or ‘HOHOGBE’ the day of exodus, the moment in time when the Ewes in the Dogbo quarter of the walled city of Nortsie in Togo fled to their freedom.

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