Ewe Union Hamburg celebrates new year together with the sister Union, the Ga Adangme Union.

Saturday January 11, 2020 ,  Mümmelmannsberg (Hamburg)

The Ewe Union Hamburg ushered the new decade with another colourful feast together with the Ga Adangme Union. Present at the event was also a fraction of the members of the Mümmelmannsberg branch of the german evangelical lutheran church.

Through this celebration, all three cultural groups displayed once again not only the much needed cultural tolerance at a time where things are gradually falling  apart, as far as integration and acceptance of minority groups are concerned.

Furthermore one will not forget to mention the obvious unity in diversity, which the various unions constantly cherish in their respective  dispensations.  

Attendees were   thrilled with an evening full of  Ewe and Ga delicacies, music, dances, and language plurality. 

As  cultural highlights all were served with some  borborbor, agbadza and kpalogo sounds and well choreographed  moves and grooves. As a foretaste and welcome package, members of the aformentioned unions were lucky to enjoy some old school tunes and many could not help shaking it like nobody’s business. 

Flash back 2018

In order to contribute to developmental projects in the Eweland , the Ewe Union organised for the second time a tombola, with the procedes set aside to forster development in remote villages in the volta region. 

The event started and ended with a prayer to Mawu Sogbolissa! Hope to see you around again soon! 

Nɔvisi , ɖekawɔwɔ !!!

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